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M City Group Has Started Operation As A Real Estate Venture Known As ( M City ) Under The Aegis Of The Group’s First Concern MHC Constitution (Pvt) Ltd In 2019. Mamun Hasan is a founder of M City Group. Making Innovative Strategy And Giving Dedication To The Work By The Skilled Employees, That Is The Main Concept How M-City Group Keeping Our Business In A Sustainable Position. M-City Group Always Believes That Always Go After The Opportunities That You See First. For That M-City Group Using Diversification Process In Our Business M-City Group Pays Great Attention To Social And Economic Development Of The Country. The Group Now Covers Real Estate, Agro Farm, Construction, Bricks Manufacture, Investment & Development, Education, Media, We Are Working Hard Towards Expansion Of Our Business And Service Portfolio To Meet The Diversified Demands Of The Consumer And Make A Large Contribution To The National Economy.


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Whatever your aim to the future, We have the perfect program to get you there.

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